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Established in 1985, our boutique firm is devoted exclusively to the practice of family law and divorce. We offer clear and competent legal advice, and provide a full range of services to our clients, including representation at Court and mediations.

We understand the complexities and emotional turmoil that accompanies the breakdown of a relationship. Our experienced team aim to provide a personalised, strategic, and future-focused service to all our clients.

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Melissa Losinski

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Our Services

We offer the following range of services to ensure that the right outcome is met for you.

Child Protection

It’s unfortunate but some children are brought up in an untenable home environment of neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health issues.

In some cases, the State (as initiated by the Department of Child Protection) will take necessary steps to defer parental responsibilities to the State, a relative, or other appropriate person(s).

We act as child representatives for children when the State has taken steps to remove a child from their parent(s). We can also advise and represent parents and relatives who are seeking supervision of a child removed by the State.

Arrangements for your children

Following separation, the living arrangements for your children is likely to be one of the first issues you turn your mind to.

We understand the importance of wanting to provide stability for your children. We offer practical, child-focussed advice regarding a range of potential care arrangements, including who your children will live with, and how much time they should spend with the other parent.

We strive for a collaborative outcome in order to minimise the affect a separation may have on your children. If mediation is not possible, we have the expertise to progress your matter through the Court process, ensuring that the best interests of your children are the primary consideration.

Our expertise also covers domestic and international child abduction, relocation, surrogacy matters, gender reassignment, allegations of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Financial Matters

Whether you are married, or in a de-facto or same-sex relationship, you need to carefully consider how you will finalise your financial relationship with the other party. This includes the division of the assets and liabilities (which include superannuation entitlements for married parties only) in your sole name, in the other party’s sole name, and in joint names, and your obligation to pay (or entitlement to receive) spousal maintenance.

It is important to obtain legal advice regarding your rights and entitlements as soon as possible following a separation. This will help you make informed decisions about your financial future.

We can provide you with clear advice regarding spousal maintenance, and the division of assets and liabilities (including superannuation splitting).

Regardless of how simple or complex your financial circumstances are, we can assist you to achieve an equitable and cost-effective outcome.

Child Support

Are you concerned your former partner will no longer contribute to the children’s expenses, such as private school fees and extra-curricular activities, because you have separated? Do you want flexibility when it comes to the amount of child support or frequency of your child support payment?

It’s important to know that all parents have an obligation to financially support their children until they turn 18. In some circumstances financial support may be required to be paid past the age of 18. It is also important to know that financial support for your children is separate to financial matters, such as property division and spousal maintenance.

You can contact the Department for Human Services: Child Support, who will assess the level of financial support either yourself or the other parent is required to pay. In the event the assessment received from the Department of Human Services: Child Support is unsatisfactory, we can provide you with information and advice regarding your options to better meet the financial needs of your children.

We have experience in assisting clients with reassessments by the Department of Human Services: Child Support, child support agreements, and child support departure Orders made by the Family Court of Western Australia.


You cannot apply for a divorce unless you and your former partner have been separated for a period of 12 months or more.

An application for divorce can be made by you, your former partner, or jointly together.
Our legal team can help you make an Application for Divorce, or help you to respond to an Application if you have been served with one by your former partner.

It is important to know that there are time limits that apply when a Divorce Order is made which can affect your financial future. We can assist and advise you to make sure you avoid any legal consequences.

Mediation and Collaboration

We believe, where possible, court should be an option of last resort.

Our experienced legal team regularly represent clients at mediations, family dispute resolutions, and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Principal, Melissa Losinski, is one of a handful of qualified solicitors in Western Australia who has successfully practised in the area of Collaborative Law. She has given papers at legal conferences regarding Collaborative Law, and is committed to finding flexible solutions for clients.

Whether your matter is complex, simple, amicable, or hostile, you can trust our dedicated legal team to guide and represent you to reach an outcome for your future.

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